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How To Start And Run A Successful Hair Salon Business In Nigeria

How To Start And Run A Successful Hair Salon Business In Nigeria

Either making someone else look good or making yourself look fabulous, looking good is always good business. Who doesn’t want the reflection they see when they look at themselves in the mirror to be beautiful and stunning? Nobody. A lot of people are of the opinion that women look good to impress men but women know that they look good and fly for themselves and to pepper other women and make them green with envy.

A major component that adds to the beauty of a woman is their hair, that is why women are very particular about their hair and how awesome it is made because a single mistake can cause a major flop therefore hair salon business is very important.

Here in Nigeria, everyone patronizes a salon to look good which makes the salon business a very yielding business. A key advantage of the hair salon business is its ability to be started anywhere, either in your compound or in your living room or you can go as far as renting a place as long as it is a good place for business. It must not be a dirty place though.

Quite a number of successful hairdressers have spoken about how easy opening a salon is. Almost every street has a hairdressing shop so the question that comes to mind is how do they start the business?

Though hair salon is an easy business to start, it is important you do some research to ensure your salon doesn’t fall apart.

Basic things to put into consideration before going into the hair salon business

  1. Do you have the necessary skills and knowledge needed to run a salon business?
  2. Do you want to employ staff or you prefer to run the salon business yourself?
  3. Assuming you are employing staff to run the salon for you, do you have enough knowledge about the business to know if your staff is doing a great job with your customers?
  4. What social class of people are you offering your service to?

Here are Practical Steps/Tips To Start A Salon Business in Nigeria

Have Adequate Knowledge About The Hair Salon Business

It is said that knowledge is power in business but it is not only that, knowledge is a major competitive advantage therefore to be a successful hairstylist you must be well informed about the hair salon business. It is advised that you know about the woman’s hair, a little on beauty care, fashion in general, and also how to run a hair salon.

Acquire Adequate Training If You Don’t Have

No one delves into a sea without checking the waters first. You can not just go into hair saloon business because you want to be self-reliant, you are simply getting yourself into a bigger problem because if you end up giving a service that is not satisfactory to a customer, you will either be yelled at or even given a serious fight (you know how some ladies can be so naughty).

This hair salon business is a business that needs a lot of skills, check out two or three salons in your city and study how it is set up generally, also learn the trending styles in vogue, and ask necessary questions. The interesting thing about the acquired skill for the purpose of running a salon is that your artistry will be seen continuously till the customer lose the hair. Your work done will speak volumes for you when you are not there and it will do a lot of marketing work for you. People will willingly pay for your skill as long as they know they are getting the best of their money.

Get Your Start-Up Capital

There is no fixed price of starting your capital depends solely on how big you want to start, the kind of equipment you will like to start with, the place you want your business to be located, the concept of your salon (the way you want your salon to look like). As stated earlier it is a business that can be started on a small scale (even at the four corners of your room). Get a little capital to start small if you don’t have the capacity for a bigger size.

Seek Out A Very Profitable Location For Your Salon

Succeeding in the hair salon business also depends greatly on selecting a good location. A good location has the capacity of attracting a large number of customers. Ensure your location reflect your target market to avoid problems in terms of patronage. If your target market is high-income clients then your salon location should be in a high-income area. If you want high volume operation then you will need to locate your salon in a high traffic area.

Do note that it is highly advisable that you do not site your salon directly next to another salon because there is a possibility that you will end up canceling each other out. Try to select a place where you will be the only salon for a few blocks. Do not be in a rush to get a location rather take your time and get the best result for your money.

Working Space

In selecting a particular spot to start your business you have to think deeply. Though most hairdressing salon is found at rented shops, you can actually start your salon in your room or at the corner of your compound if you don’t have enough money to rent a shop. In a case where your room is not big or accessible enough, you can just consider any available shed in your area and start from there. There have been most hairdressers today with the testimony of starting from home. All they did was to make a signpost and the rest became history.

Buy The Necessary Equipment

The hair salon business is very yielding when there are the necessary pieces of equipment to give the best service to clients. Either you are operating from home, a shed, or a big rented shop, you need basic equipment to kick start work in your salon. From the training you have acquired you should be able to know the most important equipment to start with, then you gradually proceed to buy the rest.

It is important to buy quality equipment to avoid spending money repeatedly on particular equipment within a short period of time.

The following are some of the necessary equipment to start a successful hair salon business

  • Wash hair basin
  • Standing dryer
  • Steamers
  • Mirrors
  • Combs
  • Brushes
  • Trimming scissors
  • Curling iron
  • Hair straightener
  • Rollers
  • Carts and trolleys
  • Fan/air conditioner
  • Shampoos and conditioners
  • Comfortable chairs
  • Towels and towel warmers
  • Table with drawers
  • Generator for standby power
  • Air conditioners (for settings that are usually very warm]
  • A flat-screen TV and a satellite decoder (if you can afford it)
  • Relaxer
  • Nail accessories
  • Scissors. Etc.

The services you render determines the equipment you buy.

Employ Professional And Skilful Personnel

To be a successful big business owner and a hairstylist you need to employ extra-talented personnel. They are expected to be highly experienced and skilled because their talent, ability, work ethics, and attitude will influence your business in almost every aspect from the client retention rate to the bottom line.

It is also advisable that you organize training classes regularly to improve your employee’s product skills and knowledge. It is also important you motivate your staff by offering them some benefits package which includes health and vacation benefits and payment for extended hours and many more.

The employees needed for day to day running of a salon business include a hairstylists/cosmetologists, braiders, salon/shampoo assistants, a receptionist, a customer service officer/marketer, and cleaners. Etc.

Customize Your Complimentary Card

It is necessary you have a professional-looking business card that contains your contact details and business address clearly printed without mistake. Giving a complimentary card to your potential client is a nice way to help them patronize your service. You don’t know who else might get in contact with your card. Just a card can get to more than one individual.

Publicity Is Key

Ensure people around you know what you do, tell a friend to tell a friend. Never rely completely on word of mouth or referral systems.

Advertise online let people know what’s going for your business. Take pictures, make short videos showing the skill you have and post them online (Facebook, WhatsApp, and many more)


Another key to a successful business is making sure you don’t overcharge your customers. Moderate pricing ensures continuous patronage and sustainable venture.

The deal is that you render good services at affordable prices to your customers to make them come back continuously, with that you make you money and still keep a good reputation for your business.

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