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How to start your own barbing salon business in Nigeria

How to start your own barbing salon business in Nigeria

Under businesses that will continuously be in vogue and will always bring in money in as much as they are managed well, barbing salons belong to that category.

It is not news that people who own barbing salons make it big as an average man barbs or trim their hair at least two times in a month.

Though most people don’t know this, People are fast to think that this business doesn’t yield enough money because it is a kind of business that doesn’t seem fancy.

Nevertheless, it is essential to know that the barbing salon business is a business that can be highly profitable as long as it is well managed. Furthermore the business doesn’t require huge capital.

Below are the basic things to note before starting a barbing salon business

Ensure your shop have a good location

Undeniably location is very important in the barbing salon business therefore your shop must be in a place that is accessible to all.

It is advisable that your shop is located where it will really attract attention or along a very busy road. A well chosen location brings in more customers.

Also residential area is a strategic location because people mostly go to the salon right after work or sometimes before work and weekends specifically.

Set up your shop

To furnish a barbing salon doesn’t require much work. It is direct and also cost-effective.

A highly comfortable and balanced chair is needed for customers to sit on when having their haircut.

Furthermore other chairs will be needed for customers awaiting their haircut to sit on. Also you will need a table cabinet where the barbing equipment like towel, clippers, scissors e.t.c will be kept.

Acquiring the chair and table cabinet is easy, a good carpenter will do that at a price that is affordable. A standard mirror will be needed as well.

Buy good clippers

Averagely a minimum of two clippers is needed to begin with though more is acceptable depending on your capital.

Ensure you buy original clippers because it will serve you well and longer. Though they might be costly, they will definitely be cost-effective.

Acquire a sterilizer

Nowadays people go to the salon carrying along their personal clippers though the fact remains that people will patronize your salon more if they know how well sterilized and well maintained your clippers are.

Therefore its essential you acquire good electronic sterilizer to treat the clippers you use and the clippers your customers use to stop spreading of diseases that are communicable.

Buy a standby generator

It need not be big unless you can indulge in that luxury but it is important that you have a working generator in a barbing salon business as the success of your business depends on it. Small generator ranging from N10,000 to N12,000 is enough to do the work.

To end, noted that you don’t necessarily need to be a professional barber to have your own barbing salon. As a matter of fact people who don’t know a thing on barbing own a lot of functioning barbing salons.

The main thing is that if you want to go into the barbing salon business you get a barber that you trust to connect you with at least two other barbers then you negotiate how the running of the salon will be. Also ensure your conclusion is agreeable to all

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