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Hello dear,

Nice to meet you.

I am Kaydee’s Glamour.

Kaydee’s Glamour is an upcoming makeup brand in Calabar

I render different makeup services ranging from

  • Bridal Glam
  • Birthday Glam and
  • Makeup for Movies

In fact, I can take care of your makeup for all kinds of occasions.

I have been doing this for two years now.

At Kaydee’s Glamour, we perfect your beauty.

Every woman is beautiful, but a woman on makeup is confident and is comfortable with her looks and skin.

At Kaydee’s Glamour, we are here to serve your desired look – all we need is your brief.

Book me Now.



Bridal Makeup Package

  • Church/White wedding

    This is for if your wedding is holding within Calabar.

    ₦ 20000
  • Traditional Wedding

    This is also for if your wedding is holding within Calabar. But if we are to travel with you, we will negotiate the price based on your location.

    ₦ 25000

Walk-in studio sessions

  • Walkin Studio Glam
    ₦ 5000
  • Home Service
    ₦ 8000

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