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How to properly choose the right Foundation Coverage for Your Skin

How to properly choose the right Foundation Coverage for Your Skin

Foundations have a variety of coverage! Surprised? Well, when I started learning make up, I had zero knowledge about foundations and I didn’t know that foundation comes in different shades and coverage. All I knew was Mary Kay Foundation. Funny enough, I only found out after my makeup school. Hence, this post is for all makeup lovers and beginners.

What is foundation Coverage?

Foundation coverage is all about how the foundation covers the skin. And this coverage can range from a sheer to a full coverage. You need to choose different kinds of coverage for a specific kind of occasion. For example, I do prefer to go for a sheer coverage look for an everyday normal outing. While I go for a full/medium look for occasions like parties or date night.

Because of my dark spot. I prefer to always go for the full/medium foundation look. To help conceal my spots without leaving any cakey and powdery substances. Well, the full/medium look is just one out of the four types of coverage for foundations

The four different types of foundation coverage:

The full coverage foundations

This types of foundations are used to conceal scars, birthmarks, vitiligo, dark spots and hyper-pigmentation. They are used for general makeup and contain about 35% colorant. They can give your skin a very amazingly smooth look. They are your best option for special events and will give you that dewy or matte finish that you desire. The only disadvantage to going for the full coverage foundations is that, these foundations usually give a heavy feel on the face and are normally muddy in relation to other foundations and can clog pores and even cause breakout if the skin is not properly taken care of.

Medium Coverage Foundation

The level of opaqueness for the medium coverage foundation, is a type that can conceal blemishes, discolorations, freckles and red spots left by acne. Its pigment is up to about 18-23%. This foundation is still another best option for special events as it can leave your skin completely spotless, without giving you a cakey feel. You can choose from its two varieties. You can go for the matte/velvet Finish which is great for oily skin or the day/glow finish which is great for dry or flaky skin. It can also be your best option when you are looking for a normal everyday foundation.

Sheer coverage Foundation

The most transparent and less muddy type of foundation. This foundation may not conceal scars and all but it will add some shine to the skin and also adjust some skin discolorations and give your skin an overall uniform look. It provides more coverage than the BB/CC cream. It really does well with giving the skin a uniform look but will not hide spots and scars. You can use it along with a skin corrector to reduce the spots or scars while creating a uniform look at the same time. This foundation is the sure bet for those who don’t like heavy make ups and will want a light glow finish.

Light coverage foundation

This foundation contains 13-18% colorant. The level of its opaqueness is a bit higher than the sheer foundation. It can conceal some blemishes and discolorations but cannot conceals scars or speckles,

For those who want to opt for the no makeup look. I recommend BB (Blemish Beauty) cream. It is a bleached moisturizer (a colored lotion) which is used to tone, hydrate and most times, give the skin a complete protection from the sun. BB Creams comes in different shades from fair to deep dark and can be applied using the fingertips. A blender or a brush.

Follow the above tips to choose the perfect foundation makeup for your skin. And also know that your choices will all depend on your style, your skin type, color and texture.

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