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How to know if the nail salon you are visiting is a good one

How to know if the nail salon you are visiting is a good one

It is always nice to get awesome mani-pedi to start up your week, to have beauty adorning your fingers and toes. But in the quest for this, having a bad experience is inevitable especially if you are the type that has pedicure and manicure regularly.

Definitely there would have been a not too fresh experience probably from a nail technician that almost ruined your nails or from an experience you had while getting your nails done. Interestingly getting your nails done is not a cheap activity even in a less expensive salon as some nails like gel and acrylic goes for NGN5000 upward.

It can be annoying spending all that money and not getting the treatment you deserve. To avoid that here are carefully selected tips on how to know if the nail salon you are visiting is a good one.

First Impressions matter

A sure way to know good business is from the first impression they make therefore in a good nail salon it is expected that you are welcomed with a smile as you walk in through the door and also the nail technician is expected to show their acknowledgement.

It highly recommended that you call ahead so you will know how busy they are. But in a case where you don’t call ahead on getting there, an attendant is supposed to check you in and let you know how long you will be waiting and ensure your comfortability as you wait. Never be scared or timid to ask questions you deserve that at least as an intending customer.


It is advised that you don’t judge a book by its cover, therefore, you need not judge the salon by the music, the magazine or the decor, but what you must use as a parameter is cleanliness. The water is expected to be clean same as the tools in the nail tech’s kit.

There should be a fresh change of water and paper when scrubbing your feet. They are expected to also have a plastic or paper to catch anything that may fall from the person next to you. The nail technician should also be clean and looking professional.

How do they work

If you are lucky enough to get a place that is friendly and clean then you might choose to get started on the pedicure. But you have to take note of some things to know if you are visiting a good nail salon, ask yourself are they making an effort to make you comfortable? Are they giving you time to pick what you want or they are just forcing designs on you?

Are they concentrating on you while working on your pedicure or their attention is on something else? You should consider these things because a good nail salon will not rush you rather they give you time to pick colours and designs that you want then they offer you water, pillow, magazine and they direct you on picking a massage setting on your chair. If your nail tech is not communicating with you on your comfortability but rather is chatting on with the person next to you not minding how you feel is wrong. Those are not a good sign, therefore, it is advised that if your pedicure is not nice you don’t proceed to do your nails because there is every tendency the quality will be as terrible as it was on your toes.


If your pedicure session has been successful and you are about doing manicure then you probably have found the nail salon you have been looking for. Sometimes the same person gets to attend to you for your manicure and pedicure and other times different people attend to you.

Different people come with different abilities so you have to be careful and pay attention because nail experience mostly takes time. If you have paint, gel or acrylic on your nails before the nail technician is expected to soak your hands in warm water and check at interval if they are ready or not. A nail technician that just rushes the soaking process and jumps to scrubbing old residue off your nails is a big red flag.

Also, your nail technician is supposed to look at you while they cut your cuticle to avoid hurting you. Neatness and attention to details is the way you notice how good your nail technician is. Also, pay attention to how you feel as they are good signs of a good nail salon.

Consider hair salons with a nail station

Over time we have seen that many hair salons have their own nail station though it might not appear on Google search. Hair salons mostly hire individuals that are good nail technician and can also speak English well to cater to your manicure and pedicure needs. Same rules apply for knowing a good nail salon, just test for friendliness, what service will they provide and transparency with pricing, etc to know if the options are good enough for you.


Never forget etiquette: know that as nail salon and tech are saddled with the responsibility to treat you with value as a customer, same way you also have the etiquette to maintain. Never be rude or insulting to your nail technician and if they messed up sternly but kindly request they fix their mess. Also, tip for a good job and if the job is not well done ask to see the manager or owner.

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