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How To Deal With Clients who always show up late for a booking

How To Deal With Clients who always show up late for a booking

There is this general saying that ‘time is money’ and of truth when you waste precious time on valueless things, chances to be productive is likely thwarted when jeopardized. when you waste time, you waste money. So When your clients appear late for their appointments, it then means your opportunity to boost your income is short-changed. So helping them arrive early enough for their appointments will apparently do you more good than your clients.

You really need to hold your clients accountable for their late coming. This is where you really need to set up some policies that will make your clients respect your brand even better. And be mindful, not to allow frivolities to wreck your laid down policies.


They make you get distracted from your schedule. When clients come late, all your other appointments run late. This makes you look confused and irresponsible to other clients, and possibly lose their respect, reputation, and recommendations. Why jeopardize your reputation and integrity with clients who entirely appreciate your time? If you compromise your quality by dancing to your clients’ coarseness to rush through appointments. Other Clients who arrive early actually get pissed, they think you’re unprofessional and belittles your brand.


It’s a business principle to allow your clients a 5 min protection each for an appointment.

If you have an ardent client who arrives 15 min late once or twice? That shouldn’t be a big deal. To acquire a new client, it costs money, so they can be late once or twice – life goes on.

But Once they emerge late for the third time, then you should know you’ve got yourself a chronically and prospective late client. This is why we have the concept of a late cancellation fee.


Having a set game plan is key. When clients call a few minutes before the scheduled appointment to tell you they’re going to be late, you should have your answers prepared.

Ask them what time they are sure they will be at the salon. If their answer is incomplete. Let them know you have a lot of appointments you have to attend to and need to be conscious of your other clients. They will understand that.

You can also inquire where they are – this guides you to determine how long it should take to get to your location: There is no sense in you sitting around wondering or thinking of when they’ll get there.

Don’t make promises you might not be able to fulfil with your clients, especially those late coming clients. Let them know when they arrive you will see to whatever favor they expect from you.

End your conversation showing a sense of care regardless if they are coming late or not even going to show up for their appointments. You can say “OK, drive carefully, I’ll be waiting for you, see you soon”. They need to understand and appreciate that your schedule is on break until they get there.


Your fundamental intention is to nurture a loyal clientele and make your cool cash. By charging a late fee, you are teaching clients to appreciate and honour your time.

If you notice a client continually and repeatedly shows up late, you should know it’s time to implement your late cancellation policy.

I know you might be afraid of losing that client, you need not be! Devoted and loyal clients don’t flee you because they blew it all up. If the client is worth it, they will stay around. That’s why the quality of your brand is very essential.

What should get you bothered should be the impact that late clients have on your timely clients? They could cost you a good client.

Tell them:

How you are fully booked and busy with a whole lot of schedules, and how it is awful and unfortunate that you won’t be able to complete their service in just a short period of time.

You can give a warning ahead before commencing the late cancellation charges. You can also offer to reschedule their appointment.


Authorizing your client a late cancellation fee for the first time? You should reschedule their appointment and suggest to attach the cancellation fee on the price of the recent service at a less rate. This compels them to feel like you’re providing them a vacation and you can look into that in their subsequent appointment.

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