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How to Address the Coronavirus Pandemic as a Business Owner in Nigeria

How to Address the Coronavirus Pandemic as a Business Owner in Nigeria

This article is not meant to be considered as medical advice. If you want to make an inquiry about your health, please do well to consult your doctor.

It is no more news that the coronavirus has been affirmed as a public health emergency all around the globe. And confirmed cases of the virus have been recognized throughout the United States; with one of the largest cases at hand. it’s very crucial for everyone to hold on to actions to stay healthy. And business owners need to take cognizance of who comes in close contact with more people than the average person.

Living healthily in this situation means just staying on top of the knowledge that you can easily gain access and use those factors to keep yourself, clients, and workspace altogether safe. Except you stay in a neighborhood that’s been presently affected, your virtual risk level getting infected by the virus, is still possibly very low. All the same, it is significant to put up with efforts to maintain it that way. Here’s where you can start.

What is Coronavirus?

‘Coronaviruses are a large family of hundreds of viruses that commonly spread in animals but have caused outbreaks in humans triple times in the past two decades’, according to the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease (NIH).

Do you remember SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome) in 2002 and MERS (Middle East respiratory syndrome) in 2012? Just so you may know, that they were both coronaviruses, which inflicted mild to upper-respiratory tract illnesses, which explains how the common cold dominates people.

The coronavirus that emerged in 2019 is generally called COVID-19 for short. And this recent thread attacks the human body with a fever, cough, and shortness of breath within 2 to 14 days after exposure, recounted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

The easiest way People mostly contract the virus is through regular contact with an infected person. Such as when someone infected coughs or sneezes CDC officials declared. So also, it is very possible to get infected by the virus when you touch a contagious surface and thereafter using the same hand to touch your mouth, nose, or eyes.

Safe Workspace should be Established

There are a lot of safety tips being published and disseminated online, but seem too repetitive. With additional cases being scrutinized daily, special recommendations have been fashioned particularly for members of the beauty and wellness commerce, who often enlist people into their workspace:

Schedules should be secured in between appointments. This will help you to buy yourself more time to solely sanitize your workspace by using approximately 5 to 10 additional minutes in between clients. This extra amount of time will enable you to totally clean your workspace with potent disinfectants, which entails the use of alcohol or bleach, that may possibly kill the COVID-19 virus.

There is room for extra time to wash your hands with soap and water, also with the use of hand sanitizer—the hand sanitizer should at least contain 60% alcohol.

One of the reasons this virus has to circulate so easily is that it’s communicable between two people standing within as little as 5 to 6 feet from one another, according to the CDC.

Note that COVID-19 is transferred through droplets from coughs and sneezes. In order to stay safe, locate your work at a medium length away from one another to stimulate good respiratory habits while you give clients some further space.

There should be a provision for tissues that workers and clients can easily access. Provide tissues at each work location, which will make it easier for clients to cough or sneeze into a disposable and permeable source.

Electronic payments should be greatly considered, as this reduces constant contact with clients and the spread of the virus on contact with infected persons would be subdued. You should contemplate starting to ask your clients to pay for their services directly from their phones.

Encourage your clients that paying directly through their mobile app/device is more than easy and convenient but also reduces the spread of toxic germs and viruses.

Make it your duty to ease your clients

Clients should be put to ease providing everything possible for everyone to maintain good hygiene and stay safe. Hand sanitizers should be made available and also device means to keep customers coming and satisfied at the services rendered.

Convince clients to book appointments online as a large number of people will want to avoid crowded areas where a lot of people are gathered. Encourage your clients to book appointments online. And remind them to always notify your enterprise if they fall sick, so as to reschedule their appointments to later dates after their recovery.

It should be noted that people love to see that the company they patronize is highly qualified with the right and necessary qualifications. Make conscious and consistent efforts to enhance your business by developing yourself. Take professional certification courses online that are available in your niche of beauty and wellness. Consequently, your show of knowledge is a vital part of expertise that you shouldn’t ignore or take for granted. It goes a long way to represent and speak for your brand, and this can birth positive recommendations.

Stay updated on the elements and information on the spread of COVID-19. Keeping tabs on updates on the happenings in concern to COVID-19 is also an incredible notion. This will go a long way to help as you answer questions on the issue, which will leave your clients at ease and comfortable.

Staying Healthy publicly

Staying safe and healthy should not be an exception while shaving hair, grooming beards, or making nail art. It’s important to always remember, that your own health should be your priority. And this can be dutifully achieved through the following simple, but core tips:

Just like MTN, “everywhere you go”! Make sure your hand sanitizer Is always on you everywhere you go. Wash your hands as frequently as possible with soap and water and rub on your hand sanitizers afterward.

Resist caressing your hands on your eyes, nose, and mouth

If you’re sick, stay at home and schedule an appointment with your doctor.

Cover your coughs and sneezes with permeable tissue paper or do so into your elbow

Refrain from those who appear to be sick, avoid contact with them. And try to impose distance between yourself and other people, especially if your community has been exposed to or have registered cases of the COVID-19.

Seek Medical Advice

Do well to seek and get more information and updates about the virus and any new developments. You can also find out information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the World Health Organization, and the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC).

Getting acquainted with updates on the virus and making sure to take necessary precautions to stay safe is always vital. Let your doctor be responsible for any health issues or challenges you might face now: relating or not to COVID-19.

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