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Digital Marketing Strategies every Nigerian Beauty Business can use

Digital Marketing Strategies every Nigerian Beauty Business can use

The cosmetics market and Beauty consumption has experienced great increase in past few years. Beauty brands and businesses are going through big challenges not only in the growth of customer behavior in digital era but also in e-commerce

However, the beauty industry is on a connected and more higher level thanks to the digital world. Global communication with customers has become so easy through different types of channels, platforms and content. Incorporating the following strategies in your daily marketing affairs will step up your beauty business:

Have a group that build brand advocacy

Cosmetic and beauty companies should always desire to connect with brands, share brand experience with others, and to be a part of the brand they identify with. Therefore companies should endeavor to invest in building their group of customers and fans, through social media and various online forums. As a beautician, it’s important for you to know what your brand stands for and stick to the main focus of your brand. Always encourage customers to give their feedback, beauty inspiration and tips among the groups. Make special promotions a members-only offer, also join force with beauty experts to assist people solve their beauty related problems. Note that your ultimate goal is to keep customers and maintain their connections with your brand by forming lasting relationships.

Include testimonies to your product web pages

The best form of advert is happy testimonies from customers. The testimony from others have a vital impact in the decision making process of customers. Hasten the research process of customers by giving them important information and links connected to your product. At Zuri we ensure this by putting a review tab on your listing.

Highlight your difference

Your customers and media need to know who you are as a brand therefore necessary informations should be provided on your website or online store. Have a press page so you can publish your brand mentions and company news such as awards, press articles, interview, bloggers review and many more. Doing this will highlight the difference of your brand value. Another option is to create a folder that has your company informations like beautiful photos or graphics of your product and logos. With that media can access vital informations that they need and you also want them to know and see about your company.

Implement your potential of content marketing

Content marketing is a key skills in brand promotion. It requires distributing valuable and relevant content to acquire, engage and attract your target audience. Here are helpful content marketing ideas to consider:

Create “DiY (Do it yourself)” tutorials to education the public on how to do home spa treatment or how to do skincare routine.

Try and make your potential and existing customers subscribe to your newsletter so you can send out special offers and engaging content.

Broadcast your messages on social media live on video. People are mostly interested in video content therefore it is a good means of passing your message.

Be attentive to customers feedback to evaluate the impact of your campaigns. This can be achieved using interactive fun content, like quizzes, which you can incorporate as popups on your website, in native ad campaigns or via social media. In turn use the findings to adapt your marketing strategy.

Take out time to interview people in the natural beauty industry. Seek out bloggers and influencers that are into cosmetics and beauty. In recent time influencer marketing is becoming prominent in the beauty industry also it is mostly a win-win skill for both you as a company and the influencer working with you.

Micro-influencers are the key to the customer’s heart

Customers have a rising need to interact with actual people that understands their everyday struggles. Which is the reason for the popularity of micro-influencers. Someone that knows how to build loyalty, trust and authenticity will definitely win the customers attention. Social Blade has made it easy to find the right influencer for whatever purpose you need it for.

Find customers through social listening

Social listening can be define as the practice of following your brand’s online presence by checking and analyzing online interaction about your company, competitors, products and more. There are Social listening software like Brand24 that can help you do this. All you have to do is choose keywords that are important to your brand. For example, “YourBrandName”, “skincare routine”, “best organic cosmetics”, and proceed. The software will sum all mentions online and threads so you can easily start connecting with potential prospects.

Collaborate with hotels and spas

Create self awareness to beauty by joining force with other brands and companies in other important industries like: hotels, spas, and fashion companies. These collaboration will help to build brand trust, credibility and also create new distribution medium.

Build your personal brand as a “Beautypreneur”

The influence of personal branding can positively elevate your business authenticity. It also brings another PR and extra resource in your marketing strategy mix. Concentrate on the human side of your business, your company started with a unique story, based on your aspirations and vision, so never hesitate to say your story.

Either your story, knowledge, challenges or future plan, write it as an article and share it through LinkedIn, Medium or your other social media platform. 90% of customers appreciate a brand that connect with them in their stories. Have healthy relationship with journalist to generate good publicity for your company and brand in their news and review.

Content ideas to skyrocket your beauty marketing

It is a major responsibility of beauty marketers to come up with new ideas for content. Below are some ways you can apply content in your beauty marketing activities:

Publish contents that are visually appealing and are fit to go on Instagram. Getting an amateur photographer can aid your work.

Publishing of “before and after” stories make the effectiveness of your cosmetic products more believable.

Work with aspiring beauty MUAs (makeup artists) – many reveal their skin care tips online for their followers, so it’s a major way to attract new customers.

Use native ad platforms, YouTube and other social media storytelling platforms to tell your brand story. Do tutorials, tips and tricks on steps to apply cosmetics, on product benefits and more. Don’t hesitate to share your customers’ testimonies and other user-generated content on your website, social media and other ad platforms.

Do a free giveaway but ensure to keep it as creative as possible. Think about things people can do for your brand to create awareness to the public, maybe a short video clip of them using your product, or a before-and-after photo. The winner can receive a prize or voucher.

Work with an organization that offers supports to social causes and values that matters to the people. Research have shown that 87% of consumers tend to choose a product that the brand supports organizations, activities and issues that they care about.

Always try to stay proactive and customer-centric; respond fast and in a pleasant way to customers feedback. Consider your audience, their needs, and desires as the utmost of all your ideas and marketing initiatives.

Connect with people through gifs, content-in-motion and, of course with videos. Video is a very important tool that attracts attention that is why it is not surprising that 87% of marketers make use of it in their activities.

The beauty and cosmetics market is highly competitive that just owning a natural beauty brand that have great products is not enough. It requires your hard work to tell your unique story and to make sure that the right audience is exposed to it. Content marketing is an awesome way to show your brand, your products and your company’s unique identity on a variety of platforms and channels with that you can win your customers’ hearts and attention. Apply these strategies and watch the magic begin!

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