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Cushion Foundation: What is it and when should you use it?

Cushion Foundation: What is it and when should you use it?

With the vast changes in trends and innovations, human beings have found better ways to make life easier and convenient. Changes have been made on our luxury items and personal care items to make life convenient and simpler.

Let’s take the facial Foundation for example, the usage for this foundation has continue to change in trend over the years. This foundation now works with a cushion. Sincerely, this is the same liquid foundation that you know but it is now improved and absorbed into a sponge.

Which makes it application smoother and simpler. The ease and the convenience that this foundation provides has made it to gain a wide popularity overtime.

What is Cushion Foundation?

Cushion foundations is the same liquid type of foundation that you know but absorbed or soaked into a cushion or sponge.

Basically, Cushion foundation is no different from the regular foundation that you know. The only difference is in the modification of the product by absorbing the liquid into the sponge.

With the availability of cushion Foundation, you can go on and trash other personal care items that you may have been using before. This can be your beauty blender and even your make up brush.

Why you should use Cushions Foundations.

You will definitely fall in love with Cushion Foundation. The convenience it gives and the soft and glam look it provides are sure enough reasons to like it.

Here are few more reasons why you should love the cushion foundations:

Buildable Coverage

The Foundation gives you a buildable finish by allowing you to press down the cushion to pump out just the perfect amount of liquid you will need for either a sheer coverage or full coverage foundation look.

Soft Look

The Cushion attached to the foundation helps you to blend the foundation easily on the go. And you won’t have to stress yourself with blending any foundation by using your fingertips, beauty blender or a makeup brush.

And you will not have to worry about any frequent touch-ups since the amount of foundation is perfect to take you everywhere.

Another plus feature is that, cushion Foundation has a mirror attached to it. Which means you don’t have to bother about having a space for your mirror in your little purse.

If you are running late for work, class or anything and you are not willing to go for the no make-up look, the Cushion foundation will be a life saver! As you can apply it during your busy hours. Due to its size, compatibility and convenience.

Post workout glam

When you are really sweaty especially after a work out session. You will not have to worry about going through the stress of applying a foundation and having to spend more time blending it. Wash your face and apply the Cushion foundation! Thanks to its little size.

Make up beginners are likely to experience some hard time in deciding on the perfect foundations to use. In this case, Cushion Foundation should definitely be their first smart choice. Since, it comes with a sponge and an already customized coverage and they won’t have to get acquainted with make up brushes and beauty blenders in the start.

Another huge benefit! Is for when you are planning to go on a vacation where you won’t have to worry about Carrying along your entire makeup bag in your small suitcase. Cushion Compact Foundation should be your perfect choice for vacations. Because the little cushion Compact Foundation can be squeezed to enter your small suitcase.


There are ninety nine reasons why you should love the Cushion Compact Foundation and ten reasons have been mentioned in this post. Discover the other ninety reasons yourself by trying them out.

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