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Beginners Guide: Makeup you should buy to start your makeup journey

Beginners Guide: Makeup you should buy to start your makeup journey

Perhaps, you just discovered the artistry of beauty and makeup there is always a natural feeling of being fascinated by the wealth of properties in the makeup gallery. As a beginner, you only need the basics. You will only require an assortment of makeup approaches to fabricate your makeup bag from the very beginning and foundation. You also do not need wild makeup mastery and abilities to use these products.

Some vital necessities have been compiled for your makeup needs as a learner and beginner!


The importance of a moisturizer cannot be overemphasized. You need to know that moisturizing your face enough before make up goes a long way in perfecting your make up mastery. It does not only hydrate the skin, but it also safeguards its moisture threshold. Omitting the moisturizing regimen even if your skin type is oily, isn’t a good idea, because it helps to rectify the oil production. You need to find a product that works generously for your type of skin and wield it effectively and consistency after purifying and toning your face. It is actually advisable if you discover one with a skin protection formula(SPF) as it conserves your skin from sun defect and pigmentation.

A moisturizer that’s compact and rapidly absorbed into the skin is advisable, as it will do your skin better than damage.


A primer acts like an enchantment. The allure and glamour you get through makeup with primer base are always so gorgeous. It also makes your base smooth, flawless, and base but also allows for effortless application of the foundation.

The primer readily takes care of big deals like blemishes, large pores, and redness. You should get a simple and oil-free formula that possess mattifying properties that makes the makeup glow shine and clears the manifestation of spots and aging.


After your skincare routine, one other product that will make your face glow and flawless while on makeup is your foundation. Getting the perfect foundation might be a constraint. This is the reason why you need to consider a number of things before choosing the foundation. Firstly, you need to consider if it’s within the range you want? And if that choice of your foundation will work for your skin type and complexion?

Often times, a lot of ladies commit the error not testing the foundation of their choice from the market before buying. It is imperative, to note that you need to test your foundation on your skin before purchasing it or seek the help of a makeup artist in any store near you. This will help you decide on how you can pick a matching shade of the foundation with your skin type and complexion.

You should apply your foundation with a moist beauty blender and meld it out satisfactorily for a glamorous, perfect look.


Concealer can be said to be one of the most integral items in your makeup store. It covers blemishes, under-eye circles, skin cracks, and a host of skin issues. The elegance and radiance attached to the work of concealer cannot be overemphasized. Normally, applying your foundation, what follows is your concealer. Though the made be days you want to go foundation fee, you can use the only concealer still achieve that flawless look.

Do you think that you’re under eyes issue can be resolved with concealer? Yes! Not totally, but at least for the sake of perfect and beautiful makeup. Get a shade that’s at least two shade lighter than your natural skin tone; just only for your under the eye, and just your normal skin shade for the rest of your face.


The right application of blush can rapidly glow up your face and bestow you that stunning, fresh shine. It is reasonable to select a color that completes your skin tone. You should settle for a shade that gently put on color to your face and carves your cheeks.

As a beginner, you probably need a powder blush to kick start. Get a soft and velvety brush and make it target the exact regions. Blend out in soft and circular motion around your hairline, jawline, and nose.

Do you know: Coral, light pink, or peach shades work nicely on light and medium skin complexions while plum, rose and deeper shades work well on dull and dark skin shades?

Nude Eyeshadow Palette

Just seeing all the natural colors you’ll need on the eyeshadow palette is enough to make one happy and eager to have a perfect and all-natural classic look. It is also unique and extremely universal and can never go out of style.


I choose to call the eyeliner; the eyes-definer. Eyeliner is an essential fraction of any makeup look. It could be a detailed cat-eye or just the natural wiggy look of eyeliner. As a starter, you perhaps might start off with a pencil eyeliner, till you become perfect at drawing the fine liners, before thinking of graduating to the liquid ones. Nonetheless, you possibly might have both types of eyeliner available in your makeup bag.


I like to call mascara the magical wand, which can cause the lashes to get longer and fuller; giving it an enchantment definition. When selecting mascara, you need to reckon with factors like the shape of the brush and what the formula is formulated to do.

Tip: Curling your lashes before applying mascara is the best, because it gives no room for lashes to break or smear around your eyes, thereby ruining your makeup.

Makeup Brushes

The fate of your makeup depends a ton on the brushes that you use. As a beginner, you only need a few basic brushes and know how they function and how they are being used.


Pressed or a compact powder will finish and touch up the makeup process and look. You can carry your powder with you in your bag and use it from time to time to touch up and erase greasy or oily patches on your makeup or face. The compact powder is greatly endorsed for those with an oily or combination skin type.


A perfect lipstick shade will not only boost and brighten up your face but will also deter it from looking faded.

To all the makeup learners – makeup is meant to improve your natural beauty, not cover it up. Hence, be careful not to commit makeup blunder, stick with what aligns with your skin type and shade. And keep it simple, but classy as you only will need an assortment of products to work with.

That’s all we have on our top 11 makeup you should buy to start your makeup journey. Those are the staples every beginner expects to have in their makeup bag. Do you have products and to-go-outlet to recommend? Feel free to let us know in the comments section below. Thank you!

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