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9 Beauty Vloggers You Should Be Following On YouTube

9 Beauty Vloggers You Should Be Following On YouTube

I can affirmatively say that it’s no enigma that beauty commerce has a pleasant, outrageous variety of history. Nevertheless, social media has added exclusively to the beauty enterprise through beauty vloggers who have become the game-changers in the world of beauty.

They are not only attracting fame and spotlight, but are likewise delivering valuable makeup advice, cues and gimmicks for people of color, and accomplishing much in a fascinating and impressive way.

The beauty vloggers’ world is vast, giving rise to unending milestones We’ve collected and compiled our favorite and exceptional black beauty gurus on YouTube. If you haven’t heard of them or already following these women and men, I think it’s high time you got acquainted with them.

Nyma Tang

Nyma Tang is the brain behind ‘The Darkest Shade’, it’s a video series..Her beauty tutorials, demos ,and videos are really lovable.

The Darkest Shade ” is a video series in which she experiments the darkest hues of makeup to know if they’ll work on her skin color. Allure once remarked, “It’s literally the importance of inclusivity for shade ranges in action.”

Kaiser Coby

Kaiser Coby is a 19-year-old who regards herself “just a black young British who loves makeup.” And it shows. The vlogger posts tutorials for her incredible makeup looks, she enlisted as a YouTuber during the summer of 2016 and already has over 250,000 subscribers.


Are you searching for sincere, valid, credible and reliable product reviews, effective how-to or DIY videos, and easy makeup tutorials, Shayla’s channel is certainly and honestly one to follow back to back.?Damilola Adejonwo

Damilola Adejonwo videos might not have the loftiest output quality or even millions of views, but the beauty vlogger isn’t scared to get sincere views about his life adventures, which makes his videos endearing. And, of course, he’s got some significant makeup mastery.

Jackie Aina

Jackie Aina made a YouTube video ” Makeup Trends We’re Ditching in 2015″ (and also made an updated version in 2018) which really went viral. Aside from these videos, Aina has so much more to offer. She’s cheerful, jovial, genuine and furnishes beneficial makeup tips through her demos, tutorials, and videos.

Patricia Bright

Patricia Bright presently has over 2 million subscribers on her YouTube channel. She posts a ton of beauty stock, reviews, and tutorials. Bright’s personality is a very charming one, which provokes love from her followers. She appears as credible and truthful as possible. She, however, doesn’t forget to absolutely project humor into her videos. You need to see for yourselves the videos if you haven’t.

Shalom Blac

YouTuber Shalom Blac (real name Shalom Nchom) is not only a detailed makeup savvy, but she’s also an inspiring personality,l motivating everyone to be their own kind of beautiful. As a kid, she was poorly and badly burned in an accident with hot oil, which left her with scars on her face and shoulders- She told me.


She first started using makeup in 2016 so she would avoid being made fun of at school for looking different. But now, she utilizes and wields it to share her passion and to motivate others to love, adore and cherish themselves.


Flawless’ “Get Ready With Me” (GRWM) videos come with a massive portion of the very unfiltered conversation. He’s not frightened to plunge some truth; which defines them apart from your regular makeup tutorial.


Ellarie Noel’s YouTube channel is a tremendous niche to go if you’re searching for Apt and constructive tutorials and candid reviews. Just watch her “Tarte Shape Tape foundation” review, in which she drew scrutiny to the brand’s inadequacy of shades for darker skin tones. Among the promising parts about her videos, are the appearances of her adorable and precious daughter Zara, who goes by the nickname Yoshidoll


These beauty vloggers will help you develop your makeup artistry and mastery. Following them will help you get better at your makeup skills to learn about new, valuable niches and also have first-hand information on beauty products; their merits and side effects through their reviews, demos, and videos. These vloggers’ experiences as they share in their tutorials and videos, are to help learn, motivate and improve yourself from their own experiences.

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