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5 Virtual Services Beauty Professionals Can Offer their Clients

5 Virtual Services Beauty Professionals Can Offer their Clients

The strategy of social distancing is the safest way to prioritize our health and wellness. Staying at home and maintaining about six feet away from the next human being brings usual businesses to a stop. Luckily, dwelling in a tech-savvy period illustrates skillful ways for stylists to engage their clients even when they can’t see them face to face.

With the coronavirus (COVID-19) changing lives temporarily, virtual services submit an imaginative way for stylists to proceed to assist their clients and bring in income. During this social distancing, here are five Virtual Services you can offer your clients.

Live Coaching on Beauty

Your clients will need plenty of beauty pampering during this period. So bringing your beauty coachings live via Virtual engagements which provides an excellent chance for you to monitor your clients through their at-home maintenance. Ranging from different hairstyle maintenance to eyebrow grooming, beard grooming for men, to nail-care, beauty regimen and lots more. Device means to assist your clients to learn simple beauty DIY and how to prevent falls from afar. Virtual Appointments can enable your clients to get along well with various beauty necessities until their subsequent call to the salon. You expect that doing this will offer you an opportunity to boost your income.

Virtual appointments provide both the company and clients to educate and learn respectively new techniques and regimens that would be solely useful for your clients. Brainstorm on how you can help evaluate and refine their daily beauty routines. Or, motivate your clients to use this period to attempt new styles and learn new techniques from home.

Pre-Appointment Consultations

For those services that require to be regulated in the inalienable space of a salon, you can utilize this period to take care of Virtual Consultations. You can even create a free consultation and this is a great way to strategize for future business. The typical appointment cost after consultation is almost 3X bigger than a standard appointment. Utilizing this time for consultations over the phone can help you earn more income in the future and help you bounce back strong.

Consultations on products

Product Consultations enable you to give your clients recommendations and your satisfactory -product advice. Be it glowing skin therapy or deep conditioned hair; Product Consultations can be used to identify specifically which products your clients should acquire to accomplish their end expectations. Moreover, you can give your clients advice on products they have perching on their beauty shelf. Use this time to audit and evaluate the products and tools they already have on hand. Or, if you want to avoid color rectifying when your client gets back into the salon, use a Product prescription to create the perfect at-home hair kit for your client. When your client is back in your salon, you’ll definitely recognize what you’re working with.

Recommend a Style Bootcamp.

Usher your clients through a fresh and unique procedure, trend, or mechanism every week to help support their beauty education. Using a webinar layout, you can incorporate multiple clients all at once and document your Style Bootcamp course for later use. You can Explore the Olive and June mani Boot Camp for inspection.

Develop a Style Catalogue

Probably you have a client who isn’t video-chat savvy or wants a more lasting resource to have on hand. Contemplate organizing a step-by-step Style Guide. Incorporate all of the strategies, cues, and equipment proposals you would in a 1:1 beauty tutoring. Organize and assemble them in a format that your client can refer to endlessly. You can draft a personalized Style catalog as a PDF and share it with your clients via email.

How do Virtual Services Work?

Once you’ve proposed your virtual Services, brainstorm on it and augment your 21st-century-services to your Service Manual. Your client can book time normally as would have done and you’ll be informed as usual. Consultants should ensure they take advantage of tools like FaceTime, Zoom, or Skype to avoid technical hitches.

What Should I Charge for Virtual Services

Charges for Virtual services can easily be deduced by taking a tour of research on the social community of professionals. This will help you know what to charge as a prospective professional virtual consultant…


In conclusion, With the help of a virtual service, you will never need to get worried about missing out on opportunities, especially during this lockdown. Bookings, live lectures, seminars, fresh updates, inquiries, and lots more are still going on as though you can see your clients face-to-face. This way, you will be able and worthy to leverage and be ahead in a competitive society. And of course, there is a bolster, increase, boost and fortify in your revenue without even probably leaving the comforts of your homes.

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