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5+ Spots you didn’t know you could Apply Your Highlighter at

5+ Spots you didn’t know you could Apply Your Highlighter at

Highlighter is a must have for every classy woman. Highlighters have important uses in our personal care and beauty routine. They are used on the different parts of the face usually for blending liquid foundations or when one is going for a full face glow and they are especially important for the chicks and bones. However, the uses of highlighters are not limited to just the above reasons. They have other uses and in this post we have mentioned the different places on the skin that you can use your highlighters.

Inner Eyes

Highlighters can be used in the inner Eyes to give you brighter and wider eyes. All you need to do is to dap the highlighter on the middle part of your eyelid.


The highlighter can also be applied at the center of your forehead to give you a sun-touched look. This is especially when you are not willing to go for a shinier look. You have to make use of a foundation that is lighter than your skin tone with one shade. Then, add up with a highlighter to even the look. It also helps to enhance the look by modifying the flat look for your forehead while leaving the entire face appealing.


Grown out eyebrows can be concealed with a highlighter. By adding some portions underneath the arches. It helps to outline the shape of the brows.

Above your eyebrow

Use the highlighter to arch under the brows. To give your brow a mini lift, highlight the upper part of the eye brow arch.


Highlighters can be used in the center of your nose like a contour to give your nose a slimmer look and helps to draw attention to the center of the face.

Fronts of the Legs

Applying a highlighter to your legs will give you a longer and slimmer leg. Just like it does to the nose. Apply the highlighter on the front of your knees down. To avoid liquid from spoiling your clothes, go for a powdered highlighter.

Collar Bone

When you are on a strapless wear or on a short hairstyle, adding a highlighter to your collar bone will enhance your overall look and give you a sexier glow. To further enhance your look, go ahead and dust some powder across your shoulders to give you an instant natural look.

Cupid’s bow

If you want a fuller lips, go ahead and dust some highlighter across the cupid bow area around your lips. Use your finger tips to dap a little highlighter on the area of the cupid bow to give it a smoother look.


You can also use the highlighter on the center of your chin in a circular motion to add some shine to your face. When you add this step to your matte look routine, it will enhance your glow and give you a natural matte finish.


Go on and add this highlighting hacks to your usual make up routine. They will surely make a difference in enhancing your overall Look!

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