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12+ Nigerian Makeup Brands you should know about

12+ Nigerian Makeup Brands you should know about

In recent times, we can boldly say that the makeup industry in Nigeria has increased greatly. We are honored to be involved and that we do not take for granted.
Here is an up-to-date list of Nigerian makeup brands in no special arrangements:

Tara Orekelewa

This makeup brand is the primary we knew and came in touch with. This was a long time ago. Therefore, we believe that it was the initial “Made in Nigeria” makeup brand. This brand produces brush set, makeup products and also makeup bags for artists.


This brand is owned by one of the top makeup artists in Nigeria. They produce a total brushes and makeup product line. Though we are not very familiar with this brand, we have used some of their products, and they have turned out beautifully.

Khuraira Cosmetics

Khuraira Cosmetics though a US based brand is founded by a Nigerian, and it has been making waves over time in Nigeria. The brand products include a skincare line, makeup and tools and also it’s the first Nigeria brand to own an airbrush system. This brand has received a lot of international awards as well as a recognition from the Oprah Winfrey show.


Zaron has made its mark in the heart of the makeup fans in Nigeria. Their makeup products are so rich in pigment combined with their personal brush set is an awesome record for the brand. The 12 color palettes have been a favorite of most people.

Blush Beauty

This is a complete brush and makeup brand, though not very popular but promising in the Nigeria makeup world.

Unveil Makeup

This brand though popular for its brush set lines also majors in makeup products. We haven’t tried any of the products yet, but we hope to do so soon, starting from the brush set, powders and blushes too.

Crystal Eyez

Crystal Eyez is also a US based brand that majors in makeup and brush line. This brand although popular, their products are not easy to come by in Nigeria, therefore we can’t say much about them.

Gifty’s Daughter

This relentless makeup brush brand is greatly appreciated not only because it is indigenous but because of their constant effort in increasing their quality and in serving their customers better.

Sacred Artistry

This brand though a newcomer is unique because their focus is on the makeup artists and how to help them manage their kits.


Arike is a blossoming brand of lip gloss and eye-shadow.

Allechant Mineral Cosmetics

This is a brand that has made a name for themselves by being the first Nigeria brand with their own line of mineral cosmetics. It is believed that this brand will turn out radiant on the skin as it is African made. It is a brand you definitely look out for.

Toni Payne cosmetics

The founder of this brand is well-known in the Nigerian makeup world. We can’t say much on this brand because its continued existence is not ascertained.

Kemi Kings

A reliable source revealed this forthcoming makeup line brand from a UK based Nigerian makeup artist. We all await this brand’s makeup products.

We do hope this post is helpful to people uninformed of Nigeria makeup products and brands.

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